Why Do I Feel Like I'm Dying During a Panic Attack? (

If you would like to know what it feels like to die, while at the same time continuing to live, you have a number of solid options. You can eat fast food quickly on a 90-degree day; you can lay awake all night mentally rehearsing your greatest failures and then board a packed bus to work; you can experiment, for days or weeks on end, with the kinds of unregulated virility powders they sell at certain gas stations. Or you can just have a panic attack. Many, many people have been convinced, in the first throes of a panic episode, that their systems were permanently shutting down. Thankfully, these people were wrong: a panic attack cannot actually kill you. Cold comfort, in the moment, but good to keep in mind, which is why we’ve made it the subject of this week’s Giz Asks. Below, a number of relevant experts discuss why it feels like you’re dying during a panic attack.

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